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    We Manufacture and Supply 250 micron Copper Bonded Grounding Rod in all sizes and shapes, threaded and/ or tipped.We Believe in Quality, Customer Service and Intime Delivery

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Copper Bonded Grounding Rod provides the physical connection to the earth and is the instrument used to dissipate current into it. There are two main types of electrodes. 

"Made" electrodes are installed specifically to improve the performance of the grounding system and include wire meshes, metallic plates, buried copper conductor and rods or pipe driven into the Copper Bonded grounding Rod. 

Grounding Rod is the most widely used grounding electrode. Amiable offer a complete range of Copper Bonded Grounding Rods and Accessories to meet the industry needs.  


What is Copper Bonded Grounding Rod?

Electrical circuits may be connected to ground for several reasons. In mains powered equipment, exposed metal parts are connected to ground to prevent contact with a dangerous voltage if electrical insulation fails. Connections to ground, limit the build-up of static electricity when handling flammable products or electrostatic sensitive devices.

For measurement purposes, the Earth serves as a reasonably constant potential reference against which other potentials can be measured. An electrical grounding system should have an appropriate current-carrying capability to serve as an adequate zero-voltage reference level.

In electronic circuit theory, a "ground" is usually idealized as an infinite source or sinks for charge, which can absorb an unlimited amount of current without changing its potential. Where a real ground connection has a significant resistance, the approximation of zero potential is no longer valid. Stray voltages or earth / ground potential rise effects will occur, which may create noise in signals or if large enough will produce an electric shock hazard.

We have all toe expertise needed in developing & manufacturing special types of Copper Bonded Grounding Rod as per customers design, size, specifications and different types of coating or microns as required. 

Our Copper Bonded Grounding Rod Features

  • Perfectly bonded Copper Bonded Grounding Rod will lost longer, drive easier and will not crack.
  • In Copper Bonded Grounding Rod, Copper purity is 99.95%.
  • The Copper Bonded Grounding Rods is fully covered with copper cladding without any cracks, holes, cavities.
  • Threads are rolled by roll threading process, which ensures that when copper covers is maintained, at the root of the thread, Roll thread gives greater strength than cut thread.
  • Thread rolling process raises the surface of the rod so that Thread dia. (T) is greater than (S)
  • Magnetic conducting rate is low. Thus reducing the lightning induction.
  • Good tensile strength in Copper Bonded Grounding Rod, over 600N/mm2.
  • Resist corrosion better than galvanized rods allowing for a 30-year service life in most soils
  • Corrosion resistance while providing the lowest resistance to ground.
  • Preventing exposure of the steel core to soil and moisture. The Copper Bonded Grounding Rod is suitably treated to prevent oxidation of copper bonding.
  • The Copper Bonded Grounding Rod is capable of being bent 90 degrees at a maximum radius of 100mm with no copper fracture and with no ill effect on the bond between the steel and the copper cladding.
  • Copper layer thickness can be on request, such as 0.10mm, 0.25mm, 0.100mm, 0.150mm, 0.200mm, 0.250mm etc.  
  • Please note that 0.250mm is also known as 250 micron or 0.10mm as 100 micron but if our customer request for Standard Micron i.e 15-25 micron, than we also manufacture in standard micron

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